March Rules

*** March Rules ***

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ORGANIZATION: The 24 hour departure of Cap de Creus is a non-competitive mountain resistance test aimed at:

  • Modality 87kms: take this route in less than 24 hours.
  • Modality 62kms: take this route in less than 17 hours.
  • Modality 31kms: take this route in less than 9 hours.

SORTIE: The start will be given on Saturday, April 20th:

  • Modality 87kms and 27kms: at 8:00 am from the Port of Llançà.
  • Modality 62kms: at 12h from the Plaza Mayor de Llançà.


  • Mode 87kms and 27kms: Corridor between Club Pagaia and SK Kayak.
  • Modality 62kms: At the headquarters of the ULL in the former Llançà fire station, which is in the Rafael Estela parking lot.

We advise being two hours before departure to have time to pass the control. It is mandatory to pass access control 30 minutes before departure.

Who can register:

  • Anyone who fits the physical / mental conditions to perform the march.
  • Anyone who is 14 years old at the day of the race.
  • Participants under 18 need written permission from parent or tutor, and they should particpate with an adult during the march.
  • A participant may only register in one march the weekend that there are two .
  • To register you need an Identity card, Passport or Residence permission document .
  • If the participant is federated, then it should present his FEEC license.
  • No temporary license will be charged to participants who are in possession of the annual license FEEC, whenever he selects the correct category of the march.
  • It will charge a single price for all temporary license .This will be € 7 in 2014.. already included in the price.
  • If the participant registe in the march, then he accepts the rules of the march.
  • The registration will be through the official website of the unio excusrionista llançanenca:

  • Once registered it is not accepted any cancellation or change of ownership of any kind. The dorsal and registration are personal and can not be transferred to another person.
  • The following materials will be required to participate in the march: Thermal Blanket of at least 1.4 x 2mts, mobile with battery, water reservoir , reflective signs for use in asphalt sections and front head light for the night sections.
  • Registration fees include depending on the type of registration: supplies in various parts of the route, accident insurance according to what organisation has arranged, basic medical care in several control points, an shirt to all classified .
  • The registration fee does not include the evacuation of the participant from any point unless obeys extreme and serious medical conditions .
  • After registered, the fee is not refunded in any case.

Information for the March



All participants that invest less than maximum time for each course to perform the route and have not been disqualified will be considered classified .

There will be established a classification based on travel time.

Time Control

  • Time control will be calculated from the arrival time and the time of departure .
  • The time of each participant joins a list if participants want to see it.
  • By registering the participants accept the fact that his name appears in the time list, together with all the participants who took part in the march .


Will be disqualified :

  • Not respecting the rules contained in the regulations of the march .
  • Do not seal the control document in the correct order or pass them too late .
  • Do not walk the entire route.
  • Do not follow the path signposted .
  • Invest more then 24 hours in the route.
  • Not meet the guidelines that the organization can give during the walk .
  • Not inform the nearest control if he has noticed an accident.
  • Litter, dirty or degrading the route or the mountain in general and/or act against the regulations on fire prevention.
  • Not respecting property, farms and fields where the walk happens.
  • Display aggressive behavior or insulting anyone with either organization, other participants or the public in general.
  • Violate the general rules of coexistence, sports camaraderie and respect for the natural and human environment .
  • Participants with the dorsal of others will be disqualified from the start or from the moment they begin his participation and he will not enjoy any right. In case he will need assistance or suffer an accident, he will assume the cost of all the services they receive and will be out of the insurance coverage. In this case, the participant that has passed the registration number will be responsible and respond directly and personally .
  • If the broom team progresses a participant, he will be disqualified.


  • All participant that wish to abandon the march, shall communicate to a control or he will call the phone written in the roadmap or control element or document given before start.
  • The organization will have different points of basic medical care distributed along the route together with supplies in controls (see locations and times for each controls).
  • The organization will oordinate with the appropriate public and private services (ambulances , civil defense , fire – GRAE ) in order to assist and evacuate all participants that due to serious medical reasons require to be evacuated. If you see or witness a serious situation that requires assistance or evacuation emergency service and rescue, call 112 to alert the organization and to inform them of the incident .
  • Consequently , participants are not evacuated any waypoint except the case mentioned now , having themselves look transportation .
  • According to Article 123 of the current General Traffic Regulations is required that participants wear bright or reflective elements recognized when walking at night or in low visibility conditions , roads open to traffic.
  • Participants that are not covered by FEEC insurance, should select the category of registration that implies payment of the insurance arranged by the organization and the services and conditions are available by contacting the organizer .
  • Participants that have the FEEC license are covered by the FEEC assurance.
  • The organization is not responsible for any accidents or damages received or produced by participants.
  • The crossing passes through mountain trails , night and day , so it is essential that participants bring a backpack with the minimum equipment necessary to prevent possible personal injury ( front head light, clothes enough to face the cold, heat and rain, a minimal amount of food and drink …).

Medical recommendations

  • The march is a long-distance march throught mountain paths and with a total accumulated significant altitude, This force is recommended only to those who , despite being accustomed to the sport significantly , carried therein out a proper preparation . Consequently, the mere fact of registering , participants declared to be in good health and have no physical or mental impairment that could hinder the crossing , excluding the organization from any liability for problems arising from their status health.
  • The organization can prevent access to any participant which according to evidence denoting the failure of the physical and mental conditions outlined above .

Other regulations

  • It will be required that the dorsal is visible to the organization people at checkpoints and refreshment .
  • It is compulsory to wear a drum, camel back, bottle, etc. … the organization will not supply plastic cups for liquid .
  • Bad weather will not be an obstacle to the cancellation of the march, although the organization may suspend or modify the route before leaving any participant.
  • Because the march go throught narrow paths and to avoid accidents , it is forbidden to run with pets.
  • Other circunstance will be resolved by the organizing committee of the march .


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