Technical Information

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Type: Trekkiing or individual walking through mountain.
Distance: 87,27 kilometers.
Altitude minimum: 0 meters.
Altitude maximum: 647 metres.
Elevation gain up: 2.829 metres.
Elevation gain down: 2.821 metres.
Level of difficulty: Difficult.
Night trajects: Starts at 8 a.m. and it must done in 24 hours.
Number of controls: 16
Heure limit to pass controls: Si.
Type Provisioning: 8: Liquids
5: Liquids + Solids
2: Lunch
1: Arrival
Medical Services: 3
Start and Arrival at same point: No
Start Place: Platja del Port (Llançà)
Arrival Place: Aparcament Rafael Estela (Llançà)
Organization Unió Excursionista Llançanenca
Information Phone +34 972 38 08 55
Web site organization
Web site march
Maximum time 24 h

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